KOHLER Cimarron® Toilet

More plumbers recommend KOHLER toilets than any other brand.

The new Cimarron Toilet - featuring AquaPiston- seamlessly blends high-end design with high-octane performance. The result is a streamlined machine that delivers a powerful flush.

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A 3 to 2 ratio between the AquaPiston inlet and outlet valves harnesses the force of gravity to send 360° of water rushing into the system, delivering maximum power.

DryLock Fast Install System

The DryLock Fast Install System makes no-leak installations fast and foolproof. You only need a socket wrench to secure the tank to the bowl, and there's no need for bolt holes in the tank.

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Other Benefits

Smarter Power: Flushes 4 times more than the average adult needs.

Better Clean: 50% more rinsing power compared to previous models.

Plug-free: No more clogs.

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